About Us

Our Story

Access Ambassadors CIC was founded in 2014 to support the Deaf Community following cuts to funding. Without these vital services where could people go for help, if no one used sign language? or refused to book a sign language interpreter? The solution was to create a Community Interest Company that would educate people and organisations on how to be inclusive, whilst at the same time supporting those that needed access to services and employment. Creating the company also gave us a great opportunity to show off the talent and skills of deaf and hard of hearing people.
We want to live in a world where people feel comfortable to just be themselves, feel included and be enabled to reach their full potential. We believe this can be best achieved by breaking down the barriers that prevent people from communicating with each other.
We want to engage with our community, create a positive impact for those we support, secure social value and also provide economic benefits to the commissioners of our services.
We are inclusion advocates – some of us are deaf and some of us are hearing, together we help you understand how to communicate better.
At Access Ambassadors, we come to work each day to create ways of bringing people together. We work with people who want to support others, and make the world a better, more accessible place. We create partnerships with individuals, organisations and businesses who are passionate about giving others’ an opportunity to reach their potential, even if those individuals are ‘different’ from the usual crowd. We show you how to communicate with a wider range of people and help you
become inclusive.
That’s easy. We are a not-for profit organisation that focuses on people. We exist to help others create and build diverse relationships that would otherwise not exist. We want to enrich and enhance our community. We do that by providing opportunities to learn about others. This helps to break down barriers that prevent relationships forming.
We do not receive any statutory finding. Our funding comes from our training and consultancy services. The profit we gain is used for the benefit of local deaf and hard of hearing groups in Milton Keynes, such as MK Deaf Zone.  From time to time, we apply for grants to fund a piece of work to support deaf people where support is non-existent.

Our Values:

We hate waste. We believe in a hand up, not a hand out and empower people to use their skills rather than let their skills go unused.
We treat everyone as we would like to be treated – with respect, honesty and integrity. We’ll accommodate individual and organisational needs to the best of our ability so that as many people as possible benefit from our knowledge and skills.
We mean more than ‘diverse’ in the traditional sense of the word. We prefer to recognise and incorporate differences on more subtle levels, so everyone feels included.
We all want to be and feel included. We encourage our staff to learn from others and learn from their experiences. Our learning helps us have a better understanding of inclusion – what works and what doesn’t.
We believe in being open and honest in what we do, who we support and who we work with. We expect people to ask us questions because what we do holds up to scrutiny and benefits everyone in the long run.