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Advice and Information

We provide information and support to the BSL community on a range of topics such as benefits, tax credits, housing or problems when buying goods and services. If you need more specialist advice or information, we also have partnerships with a range of organisations who can support you. We can also provide communication support if you need to be referred to another organisation for advice. You can email or text us to book an appointment. Please note that appointments are via Zoom, not face to face.

Community Activities

We have up to date community information about local events and activities in and around Milton Keynes. You will find events run by local groups such as the Hard of Hearing group and MK Deaf Zone. You will also find information about accessible venues such as Bletchley Park who arrange BSL interpreters for tours. Check here for regular updates of events happening in and around Milton Keynes.

Community Projects

Over the last five years, we have carried out a number of projects to support Milton Keynes Deaf Community. Our two employment projects achieved an 80% success rate in enabling job seekers to find work. Overall, our projects added over £230,000 into the local economy.

Our most recent activity called the ‘Tech and Tea‘ project helped members of the Deaf Community meet up regularly to learn digital skills such as learning how to do video calls and how to keep safe online. This project has now completed after delivering over 40 hours of digital skills.

Deaf Services Directory

Do you need a list of community services available in Milton Keynes? We have created a directory of (local and national) services that deaf and hard of hearing people can access. You can download the Deaf Services directory free of charge.

Video Relay Services Directory

We have also created a list of services that provide video relay services for Deaf people. You can also download this directory free of charge.

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