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BSL Knowledge Centre – FAQ page

1. Do I need to know any BSL before buying Basics or Level 1 course?

The simple answer is ‘no’. No prior knowledge of BSL is necessary. The online materials are designed to help you gain the basic building blocks of BSL in addition to learning from qualified tutors. Our tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are able to teach complete beginners. The tutors use a range of teaching methods including interactive games and activities so you learn while having fun.

2. Where are the BSL sessions held?

*During Covid, our live sessions are on Zoom. Sessions are weekly with other students. Some sessions will be one to one, particularly if you need additional coaching or you are practising for an assessment. Class sizes are smaller due to the nature of remote learning.

Our classes are usually held at Broughton Pavilion or Oakgrove School. The venue for classes will depend on the number of learners attending a course.

3. Are the tutors deaf?

Yes, all our tutors are native sign language users, hold teaching qualifications and use sign language in their daily lives.

4. How many people are in a class?

We only allow for 12 – 14 learners in each class. This allows the tutors to have time for individual attention and guidance, if it is needed.

5. What do you learn on the course?

Each course supports your sign language development from beginner to fluent. The summary of what is covered is available on each course page:

BSL Basics

BSL Level 1

BSL Level 2

BSL Level 3

BSL Level 6 ….coming soon

6. How do I book the tutorial on the BSL Basics course?

When you have completed the course materials, you can contact the office via our contact page and we will arrange your live tutorial sessions at a time convenient to you and your tutor.

7. When does Level 1/level 2/Level 3 start?

You can access our online courses at any time and you can work through the materials at your own pace. You have the opportunity to upgrade within the online courses so you can the join live sessions.

You need to do the live sessions in addition to going through the online materials in order to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Our classroom-based accredited courses tend to follow the academic year so there are term time breaks (the breaks vary depending on the course you attend). All our accredited courses start in September with the exception of our Level 1 courses which run in September and January.

8. Are assessment fees included in the course fees?

No, preparation for assessments and the assessment fees are in addition to course fees. Students have told us that they prefer to have the option to take assessments. So, our courses cover the curriculum with a completion certificate at the end. If you decide that you want to achieve the qualification, then we will arrange the assessments for you. Registering learners for assessments involves a lot of administrative work for us, so additional fees are charged for assessment preparation (practice sessions and mock assessments), assessment fees and the administrative costs required to help you achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

9. Can I pay fees on a monthly basis?

Yes, you have the option of paying monthly or as one payment. A 10% discount is available for those who make a single bacs payment. A loyalty discount is also available for your second course with us.

Monthly payments terms are:

Level 1: £100 x 4 months: Direct debit

Level 2: £119 x 5 months: Direct debit

Level 3: £150 x 6 months: Direct debit

10. How many assessments are there?

A table explaining the number of assessments is below. Assessments can be paid on a monthly basis once payments for the initial course have completed.

QualificationAwarding bodyNumber of assessmentsType of assessmentCosts:
BSL Level 1Signature3Receptive Presentation Conversation£99 assessment fees + 10% qualification registration fee £21 + £50 admin costs =£170
 iBSL3Receptive Presentation Conversation£99 assessment fees + 10% qualification registration fee £19 + £50 admin costs = £168
BSL Level 2Signature3Receptive Presentation Conversation£149 assessment fees + 10% qualification registration fee £21 + £50 admin = £230
 iBSL4Receptive Presentation Conversation External (Group)£132+ 10% qualification registration fee £19 + £42 EE visit + £70 admin = £263
BSL level 3Signature3Receptive Presentation Conversation£150 assessment + 10% qualification registration fee £19 + £70 admin = £239
 iBSL5Receptive Presentation Conversation External (Group) Written paper  £150 assessment + 10% qualification registration fee £19 + £42 EE visit +£70 admin = £281
Table showing cost of BSL assessments

11. How long does it take to get assessment results?

When you complete your assessment, we have 7 days to provisionally assess, mark and then upload your clips to the awarding body (with corresponding paperwork).  Both Signature and iBSL can take up to 6 weeks to advise us of your results. *Please be aware that due to lockdowns, these timelines may vary and results are likely to be delayed*

12. How long does it take to get certificates?

Certificates are usually sent out within a month of the final result. * Delays are likely to occur as a result of the lockdowns and the ongoing issues with Covid 19*