Free Deaf Awareness training

We are now offering training to community groups and charities. To book a place, click here.

You have an Equal Opportunities policy, so what’s the problem?

Policies are great but unless you put them into action, you risk affecting your financial resilience. Creating an inclusive workplace ensures everyone feels included (regardless of their diversity ‘label’) and is proven to increase productivity.
Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace can bring challenges, so we have created a training programme that will help you discover the information you need to be more inclusive, develop your policies
and practices and deliver an inclusive workplace.

Step 1: Discover

Skill level: Access Ambassadors business training level 1

Step 2: Develop

Skill level: Access Ambassadors business training level 2

Step 3: Deliver

Skill level: Access Ambassadors business training level 3

Start your learning journey

Just having a better understanding of the issues helps break down barriers that prevent organisations becoming more inclusive. We can provide training and information on topics such as: The Equality Act, Inclusive Communication
and the difference between diversity and inclusion.
Get bite-size information to help you start your journey towards becoming inclusive. Features:
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Deaf and Disability Awareness
  • Hints and tips for cost-effective ways to be inclusive
  • Understanding your customers and what they need

Putting inclusive ideas into practice

Once you have a better understanding of what an inclusive workplace could and should look like, you will need to develop policies and practices to widen your customer base and increase your recruitment talent pool. We can help
you apply what you have learned to your policies and practices, so you can start the journey towards creating an inclusive workplace.
Apply your knowledge to the workplace and develop skills to create an inclusive work environment. Features:
  • Moving forward from Equality Act compliance
  • Helping you understand the customer landscape
  • Communication tactics
  • Disability Confident workshop
  • BSL/ Deaf Awareness workshop
  • Workplace etiquette: making the workplace inclusive
  • Meeting your customers basic needs
  • Understanding how to help employees become more productive

Embedding inclusivity into organisation culture

You will be able to deliver an inclusive workplace by applying the knowledge and skills acquired through our programme.
Apply inclusive practice skills to all areas of your organisation Features:
  • Deaf Awareness to the workplace
  • Disability Confidence to the workplace
  • Embed inclusive practice for staff & customers
  • Recruitment: identifying barriers to finding the right staff
  • improve employee well being and productivity
  • increase confidence meeting customers needs
  • increase your customer base

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Access Ambassadors have worked with Snozone Milton Keynes to provide Sign Language classes during school holidays.
Access Ambassadors have worked with Luton Borough Council delivering basic BSL to the Social Services department.
Access Ambassadorsc has worked with Milton Keynes University Hospital to provide Sign Languages courses to nurses.
Access Ambassadors has worked with Thames Valley Police to provide Sign Language classes to police officers.