Fingerspelling is usually one of the first (and easiest) skills you learn in sign language. You can get a head start by downloading a free chart. You can download a right-hand version, left-hand version or both!


Interested in learning British Sign Language? We have a number of courses suitable for beginners, like you, starting out on your BSL journey. Our online courses, include mini-games and offer a range of tips to help you use the BSL alphabet fluently. For beginners, we suggest our BSL Basics online course. At the end of the course, you can choose to put your skills to the test and book a session with a Deaf tutor!

fingerspelling chart - right-hand
Right hand BSL fingerspelling chart
Left hand fingerspelling chart

If you are a beginner you can learn the BSL alphabet y watching our clip below:

BSL Alphabet

Are you learning BSL and need to practise your a,b,c handshapes? Why not grab a copy of our fingerspelling booklet! You can buy your copy here. Our students receive a free copy of our fingerspelling booklet (below). You can unlock the secrets that make it easier for you to perform the correct handshapes confidently.

Fingerspelling booklet

Feel free to share the charts with friends and family. If you share them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, why not tag us and let us know!

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