clear face masks

Where to get clear face masks

We should all wear face masks when outdoors but where do you get a clear face mask if you want to make communication easier for deaf people and for those that rely on lip reading? Whether you are deaf or hearing, we have all noticed how difficult it is to understand someone with a mask …

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tech and tea project

Tech and Tea sessions

Project update: We received funding from Tesco Bags for Help to run Tech and Tea sessions. The sessions supported Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Milton Keynes. Our aim was to help Deaf people connect with each other, to learn about I.T and to support people with updating their tech skills. We managed to …

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Deaf history of sign language

Deaf History

Deaf history is important to profoundly deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or main language. Understanding Deaf* history and the impact of Parliamentary decisions on those with profound hearing loss is key to appreciating the barriers faced by sign language users in the modern world. (Deaf* refers to native sign …

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bsl interpreters

Top 10 tips: using BSL Interpreters

Never worked with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter before? Here is our top ten list of handy tips and actions you can take so you can work with a BSL interpreter confidently. When two parties use different languages, language professionals are used to facilitate communication. Contrary to popular belief, communication is not a given. …

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