person learning signs from online BSL Level 1 course

BSL Basics – online

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BSL Level 2 – online

person learning signs from online BSL Level 1 course

BSL Level 1 – online


BSL Level 1 – online

This course follows the iBSL BSL Level 1 curriculum.

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Our online British Sign Language Level 1 course follows the iBSL accredited course structure. You will learn a range of signs such as people, pets, work and so on. You will also learn how to use sign language correctly so you can have a variety of discussions using BSL.

New for 2020! Due to Covid-19, we are running a number of options to suit your learning needs. You have 3 options:

  1. One to one tutorial sessions via Zoom
  2. Group sessions (2-3 students) via zoom
  3. Group sessions that offer both online and face to face sessions*.

Online British Sign Language Level 1  key info:

Duration: 60 hours guided learning

Date: 24 September 2020

Time: Thursdays 6.30 pm 

Tutors: Bob Rose/Brenda Campbell

Is this course for beginners?

Absolutely! This course has been designed to help those taking their first steps into learning BSL or for those who want to practice the basics again.

Why learn BSL?

Do you have a deaf friend or family member you want to sign with?

Are you starting to lose your hearing and want another way to communicate?

Do you want to widen your career opportunities?

Do you want to communicate with a deaf colleague at work?

There are many reasons to learn sign language.

BSL is the preferred language of over 85,000 deaf people in the UK. There is also a rich Deaf Culture associated with sign language. Our course helps you learn the basics of BSL so you can create value in those moments when you meet a deaf person.

Our tutors:

All our tutors are deaf (native) sign language users who collectively have over 50 years of experience teaching students with little or no experience of sign language. Our BSL tutors will be able to help you grasp the basics and enable you to experience real-life conversations in BSL!

This extensive, interactive course together with tutor support helps you master fundamental conversational skills in BSL.

The course comprises of:

  • Online tutorial sessions via Zoom
  • BSL video resources
  • Quizzes
  • PDF worksheets to help you revise
  • Optional face to face classroom-based sessions.

Learning BSL will:

  • Transform your role in enabling and supporting a more open, inclusive society
  • Enable you to express yourself more confidently
  • Make a difference to those around you

Key info:

  • Online resources to support your learning
  • Deaf tutor
  • 60  tutor guided learning hours
  • 25 hours self-study
  • Deaf Community sessions in Milton Keynes

An additional £105 is payable if you wish to take the BSL Level 1 assessments. *Fees can be paid by monthly direct debit*

On completion of our BSL Level 1 course, you can move on to our BSL Level 2 course.

If you want to know more about BSL more generally, you can look up your question in our FAQs section.

*Face to Face sessions will be held at Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes. Class sizes will be small to ensure we can adhere to strict social-distancing measures.

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