person learning signs from online BSL Level 1 course

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person learning signs from online BSL Level 1 course

BSL Level 2 – online


Our British Sign Language (BSL) Level 2 course will enhance what you have already learned for BSL level 1. Our course develops your signing skills and increases your vocabulary so you are able to participate in longer, more detailed signed conversations. Assessments are included in the cost of the course

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Our online British Sign Language Level 2 course follows the iBSL accredited course structure. Our BSL course gives you a deeper understanding of BSL, improves your fluency and enables you to have more meaningful conversations with Deaf people. This is an intermediate BSL course so you will learn a range of signs linked to more in-depth topics such as Deaf education. You will also develop your understanding of BSL linguistics which will enable you to sign correctly and confidently in a range of discussions using BSL. The type of linguistic elements you will learn includes handshapes, timelines, verbs and sign order.

*NB: We invite prospective Level, 2 students to have an informal chat via Zoom so we can help you decide if our level 2 course is appropriate for you.

New for 2020! Due to Covid-19, we are running a number of options to suit your learning needs. You have 3 options:

  1. One to one tutorial sessions via Zoom
  2. Group sessions (2-3 students) via zoom
  3. Group sessions that offer both online and face to face sessions**.

Online British Sign Language Level 2 key info:

Duration: 100 guided learning hours*

Date: 23 September 2020

Time: Wednesdays 6.30 pm

Tutors: Bob Rose /Brenda Campbell

The course comprises of :

  • Online sessions via zoom with a Deaf tutor
  • Online course resources such as quizzes, downloadable booklets and access to our BSL resources vault (our private channel on Youtube)
  • 100 guided learning hours*
  • 50 self-guided hours
  • Deaf Community visits at face to face sessions

We provide group sessions, one to one feedback opportunities and plenty of resources to help you develop and improve your signing skills.

If you decide to take the assessments, you will need to be available in June/June 2021 to attend assessment dates.

There are four iBSL assessments:

  • 2A1: receptive skills
  • 2A2: presentation skills
  • 2A3: conversation skills
  • 2A4: group conversation skills – external assessor ‘live’ assessment

An additional £250 is payable if you wish to take the BSL Level 2 assessments.

*All fees can be paid by monthly direct debit*

On completion of our BSL Level 2 course, you can move on to our BSL level 3 course.

If you want to know more about BSL more generally, you can look up your question in our FAQs section.

*40 weeks includes time allocated for the four assessments.

**Face to Face sessions will be held at Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes. Class sizes will be small to ensure we can adhere to strict social-distancing measures.

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